More About OnDaHouse

OnDaHouse is a company that offers an online platform that allows Restaurants to create bespoke Customer Loyalty programs. No need for magnetic striped cards, readers and writers and complex marketing processes that need to be implemented alongside a loyalty program marketing campaigne.

OnDaHouse aims to be the central connection point for many Restaurants in Nigeria, so as to allow all of them to collectively or individually see customer patronage increase because of a more personal approach to Customer relations.

Does My Restaurant Qualify for a Customer Loyalty Program?

YES! Any Restaurant can qualify. Simply apply for a Restauranteur Account here on The requires are few, as shown below:

How To Register and Create a Loyalty Program

Once you have applied for a Restauranteur Account and your account was approved via an Email confirmation, you are ready to create your Loyalty Program. Create an online Account by entering your Restauranteur Identification, your Restaurant Name, Address and contact information and verify your account (also by email).

Armed with a verified login, here at, you are now ready set up your first Loyalty Program!